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Positive action sees a return of the White Tip Reef Shark at Humphead Point!


Years before the resort was built on the island, the reefs around the resort were subject to aggressive and illegal fishing practices including destructive fish-bombing which resulted in the total removal of the shark population in the immediate area.

Since we have become far more proactive in our response in this issue we are delighted to announce that slowly but surely, the sharks are coming back to the area.

Last year we recruited a crack Marine Biology team consisting of 5 new Honorary Wildlife Wardens who have been patrolling the waters surrounding the island, having literally created a no-catch zone around the shoreline.

Over a 12 month period there have been a number of arrests by the island police with fish bombing material confiscated.

It is through this pro-active approach of enforcement and education that we are pleased to announce that we are starting to make a difference at several key dive sites.

Recently, we have spotted reef sharks coming back at both Pandanan and Bohayadulong dive sites.

However over the weekend we have seen the return of our first white tips to Humphead Point. This is real positive news and although they are still very shy at the moment, it is hoped that the populations will increase as the months go on and the restoration work of the reefs continue.

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