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Miracles Happen at Mataking - witnessing a Green Turtle giving birth!


Miracles really do happen at Mataking!

At about midday today, 2 of our guests from the UK, Chris and Alex Jordan witnessed a flurry of sand coming from the end of the beach next to the palm trees, with some strange tracks leading up to it.

To their surprise, they saw a heavily pregnant Green turtle giving birth underneath the palm trees in the midday sun. This in itself was a total surprise due to the fact that turtles usually come up onto the beach in the middle of the night to lay their eggs.;

Our island marine Biology team were quickly on the scene, taking the measurements of her carapice and tag number before she wearily made her way back to the sea.

At the island we have a large turtle hatchery scheme, policed by 45 honorary wildlife wardens who do an amazing job rearing up to 5500 Green and Hawkesbill turtles each year. You can sponsor a nest here at the island for just RM200 which goes into continuing the hatchery managemnet project and allowing us to expand out conservation issues further still.

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