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Beach Clean Up May


In the month of May the beach clean up team managed to pick up 42 kilograms during the daily action! Volunteers, Intern and Staff had another sunny day to be out changing the environment. There were a lot of kids on the beach helping to fill the baskets. Plans are emerging to make some basic signs teaching kids here about environmental awareness, lets hope we can push this forward within the coming months and some better pictures should follow. The bascet in the picture is just one of 3 collected this time, sometimes we even fill 5 of them. Each basket has an approximate volume of 90 litres. We also collect data on what items have been found and try to see whether our action is going to bring a downwoard trend in beach pollution. Everyone is enthusiastic to keep it up and make things happen, a big thank you goes to all the people in the world that spend their time helping the environment including the ProjectAware team! Let's keep it up! Soon more from the actions in Ifaty and the progress made. Check the pics in our image gallery!

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