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Herds of Dolphins, Turtles Accompanying Dead Sperm Whale Sinking


This is a rough translation from a local news source (original link:

Jakarta, Thesinking ofbabysperm whalecarcassat the KotokIsland,Thousand Islands,continues.About 20dolphinsaccompaniesthe procession.

"It happenedyesterday afternoon,when we are workingall of a suddenthere wasa herdof dolphinsthatcame," saidArdiyansyah,founder ofthe JakartaAnimal AidNetwork (JAAN)whichwas on the scene,told AFP onThursday(02/08/2012).

The man whois familiarly calledas Adesays,the numberof dolphinsthatappeared were about20 heads.Thesedolphinsappear whena teamofJAANactivists were going to insert an ironpipeintothe whale's carcass.Ironpipewasinstalled inthe carcassto remove thegasthat built up sothisanimalcould drown.

"Flocks ofdolphinswere thencircledaroundthe whales.In addition todolphinsothermarineanimalssuch asturtlesalsocomeup,"he said.

Previouslyherds of dolphinswere also sighted during the whale's transport fromMuaraGembongtothe KotokIsland,Monday(30/7).Thesedolphinsswimming atthe left and rightside ofthe giantmammals.

Until now,thesinking ofthe whaleisstill ongoing.5tons ofballastmountedon Wednesdaycouldnotdrownthe animal.The planis to put additional one ton of weight to sink it.

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