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Sperm Whale Stranded North of Karawang, West Java - Rescue In Progress


A 12-meter long Sperm Whale (further identification in progress) weighing approx. 12 tons stranded at Tanjung Pakis beach, a location north of Karawang City in West Java, Indonesia. The mammal was found yesterday by fishermen at the shallow part of the beach.

Currently a rescue effort is being conducted by several organizations such as the Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Conservation International activist and iDivers.

At afternoon today, the rescuers had tried to tow the giant to deeper water by using 5 fishing boats without luck. The weight of the mammal is too heavy for the boats to pull. The effort also had caused a wound at the mammal's tail fin.

Later tonight, divers from Jakarta has reached the location to assist the rescuers to put a canvas blanket over the whale's body. The plan is to use bigger power boats to pull the whale to deeper water at high tide tomorrow.

The stranded whale was initially thought as a whaleshark which is common sighted around Indonesian water. However, after a close encounter, animal experts found that it is a family of sperm whale and not a whale shark. Further identification is still in progress.

This poor whale is stranded at water of chest depth. The water around the beach is murky with zero visibility due to muddy bottom and sediments flowing from nearby river estuary.

I will update with further info on this rescue effort. Wish us luck!

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