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Shark Water


After watching the movie Shark Water, we knew we had to do something to educate the local people of Costa Rica.  Make them aware that shark finning is not cool!

Together with Carlos Hiller, we organized a paint week.  We approached the local community and painted on a big wall on the side of the dive center.  The message was : Stop Shark Finning!"  Carlos made the design and took care of a great image of a bull shark and everyone else was welcome to paint their favorite fish in the ocean.  We even made a smaller wall for the little kids. (funny to see how many kids have sponge Bob as their favorite)

The wall turned out great and this gave Carlos inspiration to conbtinue his work and a year later he painted whales on the wall of the supermarket, another endangerd species.  Carlos does great work and we hope he continues.  He is now working on another shark project for the front of Rich Coast Diving.

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