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Scuba junkie has been actively involved in Shark Conservation for many years and last year set up our S.E.A.S. (Shark Education, Awareness & Survival) project with the goal of spreading shark education and protection worldwide. This project involves many aspects such as shark presentations for our own and other dive centers in the area, Mabul Marine Week shark conservation, gathering hundreds of signatures for shark bills and petitions world wide and much more. We also started selling our S.E.A.S. t-shirts with 100% of the money (cost and profit) going into shark conservation in Borneo. Since we started selling them a few months ago we have raised over 10,000 RM for the cause. Every cent of this money will go into protecting sharks. To all the people who have bought a T-shirt, supported our shark project and other environmental efforts, and supported us over the years, you have all made a difference.....We thank you all....SJ

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Take a deep dive in the complex nature of the #GlobalSharkTrade
Think shark fin soup is responsible for the decline in shark populations. Think again!

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