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The Launch of our new Mooring project for our new discovered dive sites!


The new mooring project is under way!

The managers Clint and Shell with the help of fellow divers Lara Pearce and Hayley Templeman put in the first mooring at the recently new discovered dive site, fish farm.  Owner Warren Francis supplied the team of divers with rope, tires, chain and off they went to secure the mooring off the coast of Nananu-i-ra, Fiji.

Recently a second mooring has been secured on the Papuan Express wreck which was sank in 1990 in the effort to make an artifical reef. Which indeed it has! This wreck has an abundant of life growing and living on the outside. Individual long, spiral whip coral grows extending there ever stunning green and orange whips. You will also find Bat fish around the wreck which now like to hang out around the mooring safely escorting divers on their descents and ascents. In return for the favor the Bat fish play swimming in and out of the divers bubbles.

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