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Myett's Underwater & Beach Cleanup


Myett's at Cane Garden Bay hosted their first Underwater & Beach Cleanup of Cane Garden Bay on the 25th of April. Debris was collected by snorkelers and divers all along the shore line as well as out by the fuel dock and in the mooring field. 
The day started with registration at 8 and the divers and snorkelers were in and collecting debris by 10.30am. A team also went in for lionfish eradication in the morning and removed 17 fish, a further 12 were removed at nearby dive sites by afternoon cleanup participants. Lunch was provided by Myett's and there was lionfish to try too.
The second dive was at 3pm and almost double the amount of debris was collected on the second time.
Lots of glass and plastic bottles, plastic cups, masks and snorkels were retrieved along with many car tyres, a couple of anchors, some toys, boathooks, sunglasses and lots of plastic and rubber buckets.
Myett's plans to host a cleanup at Cooper Island in October and another at Cane Garden Bay next year with the intent of making it Cane Garden Bay's annual clean up day.
Sail Caribbean Divers are proud to have been involved and hope to work with the Myett's team on more clean ups in the future.

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