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Sail Caribbean Divers Clean Up 2012


For the first time in it's history, Sail Caribbean Divers have introduced their summer program to the Dive Against Debris campaign resulting in huge success for the BVI environment. Individuals from the Charlie and Bravo programs joined forces to clean up a stretch of coastline close to the local Airport on Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The area is used often by charter boats, day trippers and locals resulting in lots of litter both above and below the water. Sail Caribbean's annual summer program not only teaches individuals to sail and dive but also teaches them the value of the underwater environment and being respectful and responsible for their surroundings.

The teens studied the Dive Against Debris study guide and were then given a briefing of the itinerary for the day and their dives. Sail Caribbean Divers staff were on hand above and below the water to co-ordinate the project as the buddy pairs were given specific headings to collect debris and bring back for sorting. There was also a snorkel team in the water to get items from the shallows that the divers were not able to access.

Once back onboard all items were sorted and recorded on the data card for later processing. All participants were amazed at the amount and variety of items collected and were proud to have been part of the joint effort. Due to it's success plans are already being made for making the Dive Against Debris a regular feature in the Sail Caribbean summer program.


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