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Sairee Cottage "Shout For Sharks" in full effect


The team at Sairee Cottage Diving has been busy this month with the staff focusing on one of their favorite subjects and most loved creatures "Sharks" 

On a normal month it would be hard to imagine the team talking anymore than they do about sharks. But this month the vibe around the dive shop is sharks, sharks, sharks. With all team members collecting petition signatures from students/fun divers and resort guests. 

We even have a special trip planned out to sail rock, san ran pinnacle and shark bay with hopes of viewing as many of these amazing creatures as possible. 

So if you’re on Koh Tao and interested in learning more about sharks, maybe getting to see some or want to take any of the Project Aware specialties be sure to pop in to Sairee Cottage Diving on Sairee beach.

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