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Please Drive Carefully!


Diving around the South Coast of Nusa Penida has many highlights but for most people the Manta Rays are the one thing that they want to see. Busy season on Nusa Lembongan and Bali means that there are many divers entering the waters every morning and many divers mean many boats. If you are diving here please, please ask your boat captains to drive the boats slowly in areas and bays where mantas are often seen. The manta pictured here has a nasty cut on the rear of his pectoral fin which has been caused by a boat propeller and unfortunately this is becoming increasingly common. Please try and protect these beautiful animals and get the word out that boats need to slow down and not drive over the mantas when they are feeding and at their most vulnerable. Hopefully if everyone can help to encourage careful practices we will see less of these terrible injuries!

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