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December Dive For Debris Success


Yesterday I organised a Dive for Debris with some of the staff at World Diving Lembongan. We set out in the afternoon to Lembongan House Reef armed with clean up bags, lift bags and bags of enthusiasm. It was a great success - we removed around 4 meters of guttering, 4 meters of hose and 6 clean up bags crammed full of debris. Alongside me was Sue Beebe - one of the dive center owners, Wayan Bagiayasa one of the Divemasters and Made Abel who works in the Hotel and Restaurant. Abel is also responsible for cleaning the beach outside the dive center every morning and he works tirelessly to keep it looking prestine - well done Abel and thank you everybody!! Our data will be submitted to Project AWARE later today - what a great Christmas present for our House Reef!

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