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Going Green - Along With The Bin!


So, it's not just all about cleaning up, cleaning the beach and diving for debris - we all have to try and be proactive, not just reactive and here's my attempt at doing just that! As such a lot of the trash along the beach and at the House Reef consists of plastic bottles I have spent a rather hot afternoon labelling up a newly purchased green bin as a 'recycling' bin. I have tied it to a tree in view of the rooms here, dive center AND people walking along the beach and written a request for plastic bottles on it. Any bottles deposited in the bin will NOT go to the dump in the mangrove area - instead they will be taken to the little lady at the end of the road who takes them to Nusa Penida for recycling - YES, REAL recycling!!!

Hopefully this is going to work and inspire others to do the same - everyone please keep their fingers crossed and hope that no-one steals our bin before some good can be done! I will of course report back and let you all know how it goes. If it's a success it just goes to show you don't need a big budget or a lot of time to make changes for the better!

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