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mola molas


This week has been a busy one for mola mola sightings around Nusa Penida. The water temperature around the islands has dropped from 30 degrees (which we experience from November to May) to an average temperature this week of just 24 and some even colder thermo clines. Whilst this means we have been shivering a bit it also brings the mola mola! The main spots where we have been seeing them are Buyuk on the North coast of Nusa Penida, Blue Corner on Lembongan and also Crystal Bay on the South coast of Penida. The molas have mainly been seen at around 30 meters but have been drifting up while being cleaned to just 10 meters! Buyuk has given us some very close range sightings of single molas whilst in Crystal Bay there have been 3 or 4 together. Blue Corner has had some incredible sightings with the last trip there seeing 4 mola molas, 5 marble rays, a nurse and a black tip reef shark and a blue marlin. What has been nice is the lack of ‘trash days’ – the occasional days we get where the surface of the water is littered with rubbish coming over from Bali / Lombok after heavy rain, wind and currents working to accumulate it around our coast lines. It may just be that this is a result of it being dry season now but we will see what happens after the next big rainfall….

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