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Day 14 - Back On The Beach


Today is my day off work and I was hoping to spend the morning out fun diving and cleaning up but as it's peak season all of our boats were full this morning so no space for me. I thought I might be able to get on one of our small speed boats this afternoon for a quick dive to the House Reef but a broken compressor means all of the tanks are needed so no diving for me today!! Well, what does a girl do on a day off when she can't dive......? Easy - Clean the beach!!! It was fun - the kids from yesterday came and helped again and just before sunset we managed to grab 13 bottles, 3 cans, 14 food containers, 5 pieces of rope, 6 food wrappers and 3 lumps of polystyrene - It's not data that can be submitted to the Trash is Treasure campaign but it felt good to be doing something and it feels great to have the local kids helping. I've been trying to talk to them a bit about the beach and they would also like a clean beach too which is awesome to hear. The kids here are very much part of the beach - it's definately more of a locals beach than a tourists. There are sea weed farmers working it and boats coming in with deliveries and when school finished the kids are out there playing. They are no hawkers and it makes me really wonder if the kids can be part of a new generation who learn about the importance of keeping it clean. After the end of the month when my pledge is finished I'm going to look for recycling projects in Bali and see if there are any organisations over there that will pay for the plastic we collect - I'm sure the kids would do it every day if there were a few rupiah in it for them....... I feel a project coming on........! :-)

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