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Ditto! New Manta Ray for Nusa Penida's Database


Going back through pictures sent in by divers of the manta rays at Nusa Penida I have been able to identify a new Manta Ray for the database. Ditto (pictured here) was spotted and photographed at Telaga Sakti on the 13th August 2012. Ditto is a female mnata Alfredi with two 'ditto' marks clearly identifiable on her ventral side.

Visibility at the manta dive sites has not been so good recently but mantas have been spotted at both sites this week so hopefully the visibility will clear soon and we will be back to having amazing manta interactions! Why not sign up for a manta ray specialty course at World Diving Lembongan or visit Manta Ray Database - Nusa Penida on Facebook to find out more about our manta rays!

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