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Coral Triangle Initiative - MPA Nusa Penida


Yesterday was my first day working with the Coral Triangle Center in Bali as part of an 10 day project to record marine life around NusaPenida as part of the initiative to make NusaPenida and it's surrounding waters and islands a Marine Protected Area. The day was intense with myself and 8 other dive professionals, who will be carrying out transects to record corals and fish biomass, working together with government officials and representatives of the fisheries authorities to decide how best to go about the huge task in front of us. Hopefully we made some progress!! We looked at how to transect the dive sites, which areas should be no take, marine tourism, traditional use only and restricted zones, we also looked at how to GPS our transects and talked about how the heck we were going to do all of this in currents! Hopefully today we will build on yesterday's progress and be prepared for our 5 day trip to Penida starting tomorrow. With any luck we will be successful and it won't be long before Penida is protected. More to report after today!!

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