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Project AWARE at DEMA


Laura and I attended (2) very informative seminars at DEMA during the past week.  Dive Against Debris: Moving Beyond Cleanups, by Ania Budziak and AWARE 2.0: Building Your Local Ocean Movement, by Jenny Miller-Garmendia.

These seminars were not only informative, but also motivating.  The work that everyone is doing is making such an important impact on the environment, however there is still so, much more to do.

Just by making people aware of the problem is the first step.  Next, let's everybody take action.  Sign the Shark Petition, we still need alot of signatures.  Bring a mesh bag with you on every dive.  Do your part by removing debris, as you come upon it.  Help fund this movement.  Make a comittment to become a 100% Project AWARE certification card dive center.

Scuba Emporium is working towards becoming a 100% Project AWARE certification Dive Center.  We are also working towards our Project AWARE Green Award.  Let's keep working towards a cleaner, greener planet!

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