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The Semporna Shark Sanctuary


Scuba Junkie is also a proud supporter and advisor to the 'Semporna Shark Sanctuary' a proposal we have been advising on since its conception by the Borneo Conservancy several years ago. The area around Semporna and East Sabah has some of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world boasting around 63 species of shark and 68 species of ray form the graceful Manta to the shy and elusive Hammerhead shark. As you all know, shark and ray species are in decline and globally their populations are dropping quicker than we can set up projects to protect them. Some species have declined by up to 90% worldwide. The Scientists, environmentalists and now, the general public are aware of this and in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence a change must happen, and happen now. The Semporna Shark Sanctuary is a pioneering project to not only protect these beutiful waters, but to protect and work with the local communities who relay on the oceans to survive. They cannot be forgotten of left out and the SSS is dedicated to including them in the inception and implementation of the Sanctuary so they can relay on eco tourism for many many years to come. Shark fishing is Sabah brings in around 500,000 rm per year, dive tourism.... 190 million and is a completely sustainable resource. The SSS has the backing of all the operatoers in the area, many local and international NGOs, government bodies and local communities and over 22,500 signatures of support. Please show your support for the 'Semporna Shark Sanctuary' by visiting the links below...

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