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Devil rays at Pulau Si Amil


Over the past three weeks many of our staff and guests have been lucky enough to see devil rays at Pulau Si Amil - and not just one or two, but schooling devil rays numbering up to 70 individuals! This rare sight was made all the sweeter as the divers were within 10 metres of the devil rays on most occasions - with the rays swimming around them, enabling some guests to take some amazing pictures and videos. Divers ate their lunch watching devil rays breach the surface - with one ray leaping out just behind the boat before the second dive! Many divers have never even seen devil rays, let alone this many together.

Si Amil sits on the Sipadan Barrier Reef and is a haven for macro and muck diving - and also for rays. This gives us all the more reason to protect this amazing and unique area. Scuba Junkie work closely with the Manta Trust by providing all sighting data of Mobula rays, both in and out of the water, in our region. Sightings such as these - rarer as time goes on - show WHY we need protection of these vital sites and the species within them before its too late.

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