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I am writing this blog on behalf of the proposed shark project called the “Semporna Shark Sanctuary” The mission of the Semporna Shark Sanctuary is to protect one of most diverse marine eco systems on the planet and protect the over exploitation of sharks, mantas, eagle rays, devil rays, marlin, sail fish and sea turtles. In doing this its objective is not only to protect and preserve the population of these animals and the diversity of the coral reef systems in Semporna, but in doing so, protect and compensate fishing communities, secure the jobs that are currently held by many Sabahans in eco tourism which would be lost with the decline of these species and create many more in the maintenance, up keep and protection of South East Asias first Shark Sanctuary. This is a project based in Sabah, Malaysia, whereby more than 8000 square KM of the worlds most bio diverse marine habitats and also one of Asia’s last strongholds for sharks could, with your help, become South East Asia’s first and largest Shark Sanctuary! The project has already been approved by the Local government and the Department of Fisheries and in early 2012 the proposal will be submitted to the Sabah state government for approval. The proposal will be submitted by representatives of the Sabah NGO Borneo Conservancy ( ) and also the local Semporna Council. Together with the submission of the proposal we hope to pass to the Sabah State government a petition with more than 10’000 names of marine enthusiasts around the world who are in favor of such a Shark Sanctuary. This is where we need your help: We need you to please mention this proposal on either your Facebook site or your website as we need as many marine/shark enthusiasts as possible to put there name on this petition. We basically need your help to spread the word as much as you can so we can get the support we need to make this Shark Sanctuary a reality. The Semporna Shark Sanctuary Facebook site is: And the petition site is: If you can help in any way the Sharks in Sabah would be forever grateful! For more details on the Semporna Shark Sanctuary please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for all your help and have a great 2012. Regards Rohan
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