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Clean-up debris during Project AWARE's Shark Conservation program


A fantastic opportunity during the Project AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty course is to take out hazards for the sharks while diving. In other words taking as much as debris possible out the water. And that is what we did. During two dives on the Sunshine boat we found plastic bottles, PVC pipe, ropes, glass bottles, drinking cans etc out. In total an estimated weights was found of 15kg. The most unusual object we found was a mask and snorkel covered in mud. Which we gonna re-use after cleaning! 

The dives were conducted in Ao Leuk and Shark Bay of Koh Tao where we had the pleasant companionship of 6 baby Sharks only a few months old.

Conclusion: While conducting the amazingly and interesting Shark Conservation Specialty Course of Project AWARE also dive for debris in the ocean we dive in. A perfect day!

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