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Understanding Sharks


One of the greatest misunderstood living creature is the world is probably sharks. No thanks to films such as Jaws that always generalise them as human eating monsters. The fact is out of 360 species, only 4 are known to have attacked humans. The largest of it's kind, the whale shark, feeds on macro-algae, plankton, squids and small fish.


Most experienced divers would know that sharks are lot more afraid or tend to shy from human. Occasionally, it is human who wants to get closer to get a better look at sharks. Unfortunately human also are the ones catching and finning them alive for soup.


Recent studies have indicated that many shark species have high intellegience and always eager to explore it's surrounding. Looks like dolphins aren't the only clever ones. The next time someone spreads the fear of sharks, do correct them get them to read and learn more of this magnificient creature.

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