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Save crawfish!


River or freshwater crawfish - a very ancient inhabitants of our planet. Their ancestors came from the Jurassic period with long-extinct animals and is believed to paleozoology, crawfish, too, had to disappear from the face of the Earth for many hundreds of thousands of years ago! At this stage, can be considered a miracle of this kind of preservation of biological entities. Cancer belongs to such creatures, which are relatively ignorant of Zoology, man is always in a quandary, not knowing where they are ranked. An animal that seems unique. In many ways this is true.

Each year in the lakes of the Leningrad Region is a large-scale uncontrolled poaching catching crabs, it causes great harm to ecology of reservoirs. Cancerians are the first beacons that tell us about the danger of contamination of water bodies and rivers, because it is their scientists use to identify hazardous water-polluting substances. Water from the Neva River before it reaches the treatment plants and piped to become, controlled, in addition to laboratories, and such "employees." Operatively, in real time, "inform" about the dangers can only live aquatic organisms, in particular, cancers that are very sensitive to pollution of their environment.

The objectives of the campaign:

DC "Sea Dragon", together with the international project, Project AWARE want to tell people about how important it is to take care of and protect the environment, and in particular bodies of water. As part of Project AWARE project develops and publishes educational materials for public awareness, measures are being taken to bring the population is worthy of financial support for environmental initiatives, launched new programs and co-operate with other organizations to achieve common goals. Need to focus diving centers on the problems associated with poaching and pollution, but united, we can protect nature.

DC "Sea Dragon" urges you to begin active work to save this species. Prohibit catching crawfish in the lakes of the Leningrad region. Ascertain the reasons for their disappearance and to make every effort to protect the environment.

For questions about shares, please call: +7 (812) 702-62-62

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