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November 2011 - Shark Guardian hits the UK again!



Thanks to Liz’s friend, Shark Guardian got a foot in the door early with the science department at South Wolds community school and in early November Liz presented to 2 groups of 90 year 9 students plus teachers. The event was a success with the pupils linking the presentation with their current studies on ecosystems and a big thanks goes to Andrew Buttery for coordinating the events. Liz’s dad, Paul Ward, helped generate the presentations held a week later at Redhill Accademy. Liz presented to 2 groups of 6th form students who will shortly be studying conservation. They found the talk very ispiring and as ever could not belive the bleak future sharks are facing. Students didn’t waste time getting onto our website and signing the Project Aware Shark Petition – young conservationists in action immediately!!
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