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Guest of Honor for IE's, Rebreathers and Shark Night


It's been a whirlwind adventure in Thailand with Sarah Kench of Scuba Cat in Phuket.

First she had me sitting in on the IE's. Little did she know that I've already done my Instructor Examinations so I breezed it! I was glad to see my new mates did well too.

Phuket is a wonderful place - great culture, food and there is certainly a whole lotta nightlife. So much so that as part of our IE party celebrations, Scuba Cat held a shark night in the local irish bar in my honor. I've not been to Ireland yet but the Guiness and larking around sure did flow. We watched Shark Water, collected hundreds of petition signatures to help protect me and basically had a great time.

Now I'm also becoming a bit of a pro, if I may say so myself, at the old Rebreather units too. I was lucky enough to show of my new skills during a Rebreather Try Dive Day. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Thanks again to Sarah - we bonded like true girlfriends do. On to my next adventure....


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