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Shiver Finning in Tofo


Finn has had a fantastic week in Mozambique with Tofo’sDiversity Scuba!

Finn began his Tofo dive experience by taking two junior open water divers on their very first dive to show off his wonderful world. They hit 10metres at Clown Fish Reef, and Finn found that his Portuguese is actually very good as the reef residents were very excited to meet such a famous shark. 

Next Finn went for a deep dive to Oasis where he met a very friendly honeycomb moray, turns out Finn is a bit of a charmer! Then he went for a snooze in a cozy little cave with Walter the White Tip. So this is what it’s like to live in the warm Indian Ocean, he thought.

After a few days of getting to know the residents of Tofo above and below the water, Finn discovered a little about the plight of Sharks in Mozambique. Diversity showed him a documentary that was filmed by Dave, Chris and Aaron. It’s called “Shiver Finning” .

Mozambique and it’s shark population is suffering from this form of so called fishing and has only been put into the lime light from Dave and co’s hard work. Carlos Macuaca (Bitonga Divers) is also an avid ambassador to the local people in the aid form of educating them about the importance of sustainability of our waters. Carlos was kind enough to take Finn to one of his talks in the village, keep an eye out for this post.

So now it was time to get back into the water. Finn had heard lots about all the whale sharks in Tofo so decided it was time to do his Whale shark specialty and joined a Bio Safari to help collect data. Finn explains, “It was great, now I know how to identify individual sharks, we have to swim alongside the shark whilst we photograph the left and right sides above the pectoral fin, this captures an image of the whale sharks unique spots called the bodyprint. It was easy for me but the photographer couldn’t always keep up!” Being his first whale shark encounter Finn was a bit overexcited as he was surrounded by 13 sharks, and was busy posing for photos too!

So now it’s time to move on, Finn has a lift to Johannesburg then on to Cape Town to spread the word down in South Africa. “Thanks Diversity Scuba, all the crew and Bitonga Divers for helping me spread the word” 

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