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Finley Moments


There comes a moment in ones life that changes the course of ones path forever and introduces a whole new world. We are taught that change is never easy...and of course it isn't! We are bound by conditioning, bound by rules that used to apply, but now need to be outmoded and changed in order to apply them to a NEW WORLD. We live in constant change, WHETHER WE LIKE OR does the ocean and its wonderful creatures. Not only man inflicts does our environment one might say. But the changes in the environment is indeed a problem inflicted by us. Furthermore, why is shark finning still going on? Why has it taken so long to ban shark finning in certain areas of the world? Is it due to the fact that we all think someone will take care of the problem for us? Do you think change is a bad thing? DOES CHANGE HURT? If it's for the won't!!


Do you remember something significant in your life that changed the course of your life forever? Did you make a change in your life or someone elses? Have you spoken out.....voiced your opinion to the wrong that goes on in the world? FIN and FINLEY have!! Do you know that sharks are endangered creatures? STOP SHARK FINNING! If you think you might want to speak up and help make a significant change in the lives of sharks......please join the Project Aware Foundation in their quest to put a ban on shark finning around the world and protect sharks like Fin and Finley.

Jan. 30/12Celebrating Victories: Shark Finning Banned in Central America and Dominican Republic

Together we can then celebrate victories like: Shark Finning Banned in Central America and the Dominican Republic.


Making a change is never easy! Wanting to make a change, or thinking you might want to make a change will not make the change!! MAKE THAT CHANGE!

STOP thinking it will take care of it self.....because it won't, unless YOU MAKE THAT CHANGE HAPPEN! HELP PUT A BAN ON SHARK FINNING.....WORLDWIDE!!!

please go to: and sign the shark petition.

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