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Fishermen, currents & plastic lunches


I have arrived safely in the UK after a terrible journey through the North Atlantic Sea. I only made it as far as the Bay of Biscay and spent most of the time dodging Spanish fishing boats and swimming above and below really strong currents.

Last Friday, I also ate a fish that had already swallowed some plastic so I had terrible stomach pains. This meant that I had to rest for a few days before I could blog and let you all know I was safe! Sorry Finley, I hope that you weren't too worried!

I arrived at Sub-Mission Dive Centre in Stoke on Trent yesterday and they have been pampering me back to full recovery. I have had a long bath, a massage and some tasty treats! I have just been told that I am the star of their Fin4Finning event this weekend and am very much looking forward to showing all the Project AWARE supporters my skills in the pool. I'm not sure they know this yet, but my average speed is around 10 kilometres per hour, so I hope that will help them secure their target of a 1000Km swim!

If anyone is in the area this weekend, please sign up to the event here!

Peace out all!

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