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Tuesday - Arriving at Sub-Mission Dive Centre, Stoke on Trent


After a traumatic time trying to get to Kenya, I finally arrived back in the UK at Sub-Mission Dive Centre, in Stoke on Trent. I still had a bit of seaweed wrapped around my dorsal fin when I met Darren and Katy, owners of Sub-Mission Dive Centre.

After a cup of tea, I soon managed to relax and busy myself with making new friends and checking out the Dive Centre. Katy and Darren were very friendly and made sure that I was able to see everything that goes on at Sub-Mission. They also introduced me to all of their customers that came in. During the afternoon I helped out by signing log books with the newly certified PADI Open Water Students and PADIDrysuit Specialty Divers.

I was able to tell the new divers all about swimming in the ocean, trying to spot sharks and how to perfect their buoyancy. With all of the extra information that was shared with them, they went away very happy Sub-Mission Divers! Well Done all the new divers.

What a good day!

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