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Wednesday - Nightmares and Surfing


I was still exhausted from my attempt to get to Kenya so I slept most of the day. Unfortunately though I was suffering from nightmares, which were a mix of plastic oceans and sharks with no fins! In fact the nightmares were so vivid that I awoke with a start and hid amongst the foliage to hide from the shark fishermen…but it turned out to be Darren from Sub-Mission! After all of these horrid dreams though I was feeling worried about my sister, Finley. So Katy let me surf the internet to find out how she was. Checking out the Sharks on Tour Project AWARE page and facebook, I managed to track Finley down to Thailand, where she is having a whale of a time with Marcel. Knowing she was in safe hands, I was finally able to relax and look forward to the weekends activities. This time I had no nightmares and my dreams were full of wrecks, fish and Finley so all was good here at Sub-Mission.

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