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Saturday Morning - Fin4Finning


I was so excited that I woke up super early! I was keen to get to the swimming pool to get started on the fin-athon. There were so many people that turned up at 8.00am that there wasn't enough room in the swimming pool for me! So I watched Sub-Mission's divers swimming up and down and I cheered them on from the side.

At 9.00am a photographer from the local paper turned up, much to my excitement! I managed to squeeze into the photo whilst no-one was looking so fins crossed I'll have my picture in the paper, which I can send to Finley to keep her updated.

Finally, it was my turn to get into the pool and I showed off my finning ability by racing up and down the pool. I made some brilliant new friends and back flipped into the pool when I heard Sub-Mission being mentioned on the local radio station!

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