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Finley's last few days in Malta


After seeing the wreck of the Rozi, I was excited to hear that Corsair Diving were taking me to see the wreck of the mighty Um-El-Faroud.  The Faroud was scuttled in 1998 and has become one of the best wrecks in Malta, if not Europe.  I saw hundreds of barracuda, a ray and explored the wreck which has now split in two.  Just after leaving the wreck I met Mr John Dory, he was a very interesting chap.  He said that he often comes in the shallows around Malta once the water is a bit cooler, during the summer he travels around the deeper water.


On my last day Melita and Kevin took me to the Silent City of Mdina.  It is a medieval walled town which used to be the capital of Malta.  After a walk around the city we went to Fontanella Tea Garden, which is famous for their cakes and the fabulous views over Malta.  After having a coffee and a piece of delicious chocolate cake we continued around Mdina.  The views were amazing, I could see from St Paul's Islands all the way to Marsaxlokk in the south of the island, and even the Mosta dome.


I am sad to say goodbye to Corsair Diving Malta, but I am looking forward to my next adventure.  I'm leaving Malta today to see my friends in Italy.  Malta is pretty close to Italy, so hopefully I will not be tired when I arrive.


Please have a look at some photos of my time in Malta which I have uploaded to the image gallery.


See you in Italy......    

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