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Omanta's search for a whale shark

Tired and sandy, I arrived safely in Oman. Fins and body rested, I was greeted by the lovely staff of Omanta Scuba. To my surprise they had organised a boat trip to welcome and introduce me to the local marine life.   Oman's waters are best known for Sting, Eagle and Torpedo Rays, some species of reef sharks, especially Leopard sharks; a wide variety of Moray eels, especially honeycomb, pepper and yellow mouth and whilst infrequent, it is not unknown for spots of Whale sharks during the Summer months!   I wasn't lucky enough to spot any of my whale shark friends on this boat trip but had fun talking with all of the divers about our species and how they can get involved with saving us.

Did you know that you can do your part in protecting sharks by signing    Project AWARE's Give Sharks a Fighting Chance Petition? I asked everyone on board to sign and each person took petition signature sheets home with them!

  Where to next? A clue..mickey and minnie mouse live there..speak to you when I get there!   Finley xx 
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