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Education is the key to success.


From a very young age I had always been drawn to the ocean. The vast beauty, the mystery but most importantly the creatures which live and thrive underwater. 

I would always love to be in the ocean, being able to swim in its beauty, completely surrounded by nature but always felt a limitation with snorkelling. Just four years ago I was first introduced the amazing world of scuba diving and have fallen in love ever since.

As time passed I progressed to become a instructor and felt more deeply connected to the ocean. I have been in the position to be able to introduce others to the amazing world of diving but more importantly to be able to educate and inform people how we can protect our ocean. 

I have always been very concerned with looking after our environment but more so with our ocean as I could see first hand the impact we have on our fragile environment. 

As an educator I am in the key position to inform and teach the importance of conservation and how to reduce our impact on the ocean. One of the ways I am able to do this is through the AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive speciality I am able to teach as an instructor. 

Sharks are magical creature and are in need of our help, my goal is to educate and inform as many people as I can to ensure these creatures do not fade away into history. 

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