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Course Director 2015


Since selling my dive school in Spain and coming back to work in Thailand, I thought it was time to look to the future,working with Khoalak Scuba Adventures in Thailand my goal is to push Project Aware more now than in any other season.

That is why  I am starting now looking to do my CDTC in 2015

Working on liveaboards is amazing but to evolve within the PADI sytem and move towards Course Director needs a lot of work and dedication.

One of the requirements is to show leadership qualities in the organization of events and raise peoples awarness of their impact on the enviroment when they dip below the waves.

I will be looking to organize several debris clean ups during the coming season and to sell Aware courses to liveaboard clients during their trip to increase the care they take while diving and also so they see and understand the impact we have on the enviroment.

Project Aware Reef awarness and Coral conservation will be my main objective inthis field.


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