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Sub-Mission Fin4Finning Success


On Saturday 9thJulySub-Mission Dive Club took part in a charity Fin-athon called Fin4Finning. Divers were targeted with completing 100,000,000 millimetres in mask and fins collectively, swimming from 8am until 10pm. The aim of the event was to raise vital cash for shark conservation charities, Project AWARE and the Shark Trust but more importantly to raise awareness of the decreasing shark populations due to the pressure of shark finning.

The 100,000,000 mm was a significant target as research suggests that this is the number of sharks killed each year for their fins to make Shark Fin Soup. Although shark fin soup is a delicacy in many eastern cultures, the fin actually adds no taste to the soup but due to its reverence makes this delicacy an expensive symbol of status therefore increasing its demand.

Over 70 people turned up to get involved in the swim, many more than expected. Having so many people participate meant that the target was hit by 4pm, although people just kept on swimming! Organiser Katy from Sub-Mission Dive Centre is hoping that once all of the sponsorship money is collected, the total raised will hit £2,500. Fourth Element helped massively by designing some amazing T-shirts for the event so that profits from the t-shirt sales could be put to the charities.

A great effort was made by all involved and it was a fantastic success. Watch out for Fin4Finning 2012!

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