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Sub-Mission Dive Club Beach Clean up


Last Sunday Sub-Mission Dive Club members descended upon Trefor Beach to get stuck in with a beach and underwater cleanup. Unfortunately the poor weather and bad visibility put pay to us succeeding in collecting rubbish from underwater. Despite not being able to dive, everyone remained cheerful and determined to put their best effort into making a difference on the beach.


Splitting into groups the 22 of us (and a multitude of dogs) covered both sections of beach at Trefor as well as some of the land leading to the pier and the car park. The weather did actually pick up a bit and we managed to collect loads of rubbish, have a barbeque and a great day at the beach! It was even better when the ice cream van turned up to our delight!


Here is some of the debris that we managed to collect:


  • 4 flip flops
  • 1 frying pan
  • 1 MASSIVE tractor tyre
  • 25 plastic bags
  • 39 bin bags
  • 49 cigarette filters
  • 78 bundles of fishing line
  •  8 fishing hooks
  • 90 food wrappers


Not only did we pick up rubbish off the beach but we I have also logged the data with the Marine Conservation Society. Looking very briefly over the details of what was collected and comparing it to last Septembers data, I can certainly see that the beach was cleaner this time. There were less cigarette filters, plastic bags and less tin cans this time, however, we did find lots of fishing debris and a dead dog fish as well as something that we couldn’t identify.  


In total there was about 84kg of trash. Well done everyone who did an excellent job of cleaning Trefor beach! Great effort.

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