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Shark Shouts, Actions and Successes


There's been lots of activity on the shark protection front at Calypso Diving (where I work) over the last year. I've been busy updating the company blog and the dive center's MyOcean profile, and I've rather neglected this personal blog! I'd like to share with you some of the highlights for me our our AWARE shark projects.

A year ago, around Easter time 2011, the Calypso team were looking for a way to do more for shark protection. We came up with a donation calculation scheme whereby we'd put something towards AWARE shark funds for every ocean dive, such that the more diving that went on the more donations there would be. Just prior to 8th June, World Oceans Day, we got a preview of the AWARE re-launch due for that date, and the slogan: Protecting the Ocean Planet - One Dive at a Time. The beautiful new logo was a diver and a shark swirling around. We decided that this was totally in tune with our project plans and to push through the donation project launch also for World Oceans Day. 

For the Big Shark Shout Out of 2011, we set up new events to inform and educate. Our 3 meter shout wall was a popular feature, as were the documentary evenings. We also started to promote the AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty. Extra donations were collected towards our $2000 AWARE target.

February 2012 was an excellent month. We reached our donation target months earlier than expected thanks to the suppor of all our divers. Dénea, our Divemaster-in-training, in particular really supported conservation by taking 4 AWARE specialties with me (including Shark Conservation) and getting involved in every possible activity! Awesome :)

I was especially proud of her involvement in the release of two nurse sharks from a Chinese restaurant in early March, and her enthusiasm in sharing the information she learned during the AWARE specialties. Well done Dénea!

So, it's been a great year. We'll be continuing to Shout Out Loud for Sharks at every opportunity...

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