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10 August 2011, Recent Monitoring of the Coral Nursery on Sairee Beach



Recently, while looking for locations for a new buoyancy world, Course Director Natalie Hunt, Divemaster Trainer Lee Nightingale and MSDT Sarah Van Name stopped by the nursery for a peek. There is a lot of coral growth and fish life around the structure.  There is a small amount of coral death but overall life seems to be blooming. Small groups of juvenile fish, damsels dancing in the coral and even a juvenile longfinbatfish dancing around the divers heads.  Of course there is some unwanted life such as algae growth and even a crown of thorns sitting on top of the structure.

Over the next few months we aim to continue monitoring our Adopted Artificial reef and observe the changes. With the use of our Divemasters in Training as part of their DM program we will be dedicating certain days to dive the artificial reef and submit updated information to the Save Koh Tao foundation as they collaborate all details for each adopted reef on Koh Tao.

If you wish to participate and contribute to this program please email us on


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