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AWARE upcoming Events


The upcoming events for the next couple of weeks to keep Koh Tao CLEAN and to support Project AWARE:

Crown of Thorns collection. The Juvenile Crown of Thorns starfish feed mostly on coral-line algae but around six months of age, they start feeding on corals. They showe a preference for branched corals. Crown of Thorns are a important element of the coral reef because they are part of that ecosystem. However if there are to many it's bad for the coral reef and they can actually hurt the ecosystem by damaging corals. In assistance of the local Save Koh Tao community Sunshine Divers will create a date to collect and remove the Crown of Thorns at divesites where there are to many. A great way for DMT's to attend on this Eco Activity. More information soon and date to be confirmed.

- 20th of February: Buoy Workshop @ Save Koh Tao Office. How to prepare and install mooring buoys. Diving at the 21st at specific dive sites to install mooring buoys. Only DMT's who attended the workshop on the 20th can apply. If you are interested please sign in at the dive shop.

- 22nd of February: The monthly Beach and Underwater Clean-up. In the morning at 9am the Beach clean-up will be held and at 2pm the Underwater Clean-up. Location will be decided as soon as possible. Come and join by signing up at the dive shop!

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