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Transforming Sunshine and Chalok Baan Kao Beach Front

A beach cleanup is all good and well but doing something of a transformation? Well, that takes some doing. Yet we managed a mini transformation here at Sunshine recently and it all started with just a little lick of paint..   Armed with a pot of blue and a pot of red, an instructor and DMT got to work and a little touch up of the shop front which then expanded to the classroom, which then expanded into making some mini gardens. And so it went on, and on!   Looking a little further down the beach front lay random bits of rubbish, glass bottles, rusty BBQ grills, random tools etc stuffed under a pagoda. This was a big job and the local bar staff were up and about to make a real go of it.   Old tyres were removed, broken concrete tables and benches, wire, plastic and all sorts of other things were taken away to create a much more open and clean looking space for everyone to enjoy.    Final feelings? Think about cleaning out a room you use for random junk yet can't bring yourself to throw away for years and then deciding that you really do need to get rid of it. That summed up the day.
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