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PADI Seahorse Disitinctive Specialty - ISeahorse Project Presentation 26th July 2014

July 26th, 2014 at Choppers Bar and Grill, Lindsay and Kevin Black hosted an iSeahorse presentation to anyone interested on Koh Tao in learning how to identify seahorses and the opportunity to obtain the PADI Seahorse Diver Specialty Rating.  For those who attended and are currently PADI Instructors, they could also apply and obtain their PADI Seahourse Speciatly Instructor Rating.    A thorough two and half- hour presentation where Kevin (PADI Course Director from Phuket) introduced the PADI standards relevant to this distinctive specialty followed by the knowledge development sections and workshops for this course. Over 20 people (Divemaster and Instructors joined in) and we all were broken into groups of 5 or less and had to fullfil the requirements of identifying 4 out of 5 Seahorse species (regarding sex (Male or female), Smooth or Spiny Seahorse, and individual species morphology and measurements for the Southeast Asian region of seahorses.   During the workshop we also learned how important is was to also understand the location of where the seahourse was spotted.This way we can learn more about thier habitat. Also we should be aware that due to the seahorse and their unique biological traits they are also very vulnerable to threats like habitat destructor and overfishing.   "Every year, 15 to 20 million seahorses are caught and traded, dead and alive, all over the world.  In order to better protect these little guys we need more data on them. This is where iSeahorse comes in!"   We were also given the necessary information about Taking Action and Joining the iSeahorse Movement.  See below for these details:   "iSeahorse is a tool which absolutely anyone, anywhere can use.    If you see a seahorse in the wild, simply go to  the iSeahorse website or the free iPhone app  available from the App Store.   Once there, create an account, report your seahorse sighting, and upload any photos you may have taken.   After upload, your seahorse sighting becomes part of a growing global database. The data will be used  by scientists and conservationists around the world to better understand and protect Seahorses.    So please take part! Report your seahorse sightings so that future divers will still be able to enjoy that thrill of spotting one on a dive. "      
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