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Shoreline Clean~Up's… Makes Paradise Look Nicer & Reduces Ocean Debris



Easy afternoon's down at the shop... (Sunshine Divers), you spend your time gazing out and appreciating the spectacular Chalok Baan Kao beach view; the sun is beating down, the ocean is torquoisily inviting, the sand looks powdery, the odd coconut or too washes in and out with the surf...and so does the odd....plastic bag!..wait, two, three, four....

I think everyone wants Chalok Baan Kao's beach & bay to look beautiful, for customers, holiday makers and of course,  ourselves, but the main reason as to why your see a few of us out there picking up Litter is to hopefully reduce the amount of debris trapping land animals, crustacions etc as well as reducing the amount getting pushed into the ocean therefore ending up on dive sites or in the marine life's belly (turtles/ pufferfish etc).

DID YOU KNOW:  "most of the plastic & debris found in the ocean has its beginnings in beach litter!"

In order to conserve our underwater environment Sunshine Divers actively conduct both underwater & Land (Shoreline) clean~up's, here's a couple of tips to enable you to conduct your own…

  • Remove debris during diving and shoreline visits
  • No. 1 item found is cigarette butts … lets use an ashtray people, they even make pocket ones
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  • Be Aware in what you buying, avoid excess packaging & especially plastics
  • Dispose of items properly…fishing line, nets, litter, batteries etc
  • Never throw Litter or food overboard
  • Get involved


it takes how long for Rubbish to degrade??

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