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Sunshine Divers become EMP Certified Instructors ~ The Ecological Monitoring Program



On the 18th, 19th & 20th of May 2012 Sunshine Dive Resort's  Course Director Natalie Hunt and Sunshine's Instructors David Scanlan, Simon Zutt and Janice Zutt all took part in the new 'Save Koh Tao's Ecological Monitoring Program', affiliated through PADI to become EMP Certified Instructors.  

Sunshine wants to continue with their efforts of preserving paradise which is why we "took a course so we can teach a course"

Sunshine is happy to announce that we NOW teach the new PADI Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Program course to Advanced Divers or above


The Koh Tao EMP course is based on the original Ecological Monitoring Program developed by the "Coastal Preservation and Development Foundation"… the difference being that the Koh Tao course has been written with regards to Reef checks on particular dive sites around Koh Tao as well as particular Marine Life most commonly found here which has the most impact on the overall health of our reef systems.  

Its about data collecting and cataloguing on a regular basis so we can protect, preserve and restore when we see a problem within the eco system

"The most successful projects involving restoring the reefs around the world have been performed by small groups and communities"


we learned about the different types of corals out there including the vast amount within the Hard Coral family, we also learnt the coral code that is used by scientists and the Ecological monitoring Program for data collecting.

We learnt how to preform 3 surveys (Fish, Invertebrates & Substrate) as well as how to lay the Transect Line and read/ use it with in the data collecting and we also used a Secci disc for accurate visibilities readings.


Sunshine is now able to perform reef research methods & submit data collection, we can clearly identify indicator fish and invertebrate species as well as substrate types and we gained further knowledge about our coral reefs and their inhabitants

Sunshine wants to bring this information to our students…interested in preserving Marine Eco systems… contact us for details



The Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Program Written by Chad Scott is founded by the "Save Koh Tao Marine Branch which is a subset  of the Save Koh Tao Community Group.  Similar to the main group, the Marine Branch is a coalition of Thai and foreign locals and business owners from Koh Tao.  Programs developed and initiated through the group are chosen by the community members and funded through private donations, merchandise sales and fund raising events.


Sunshine would like to add special thanks to "Save Koh Tao Community Group" & Chad Scott, the author of the Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Program & our Mentor.

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