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Sunshine saves Koh Tao (festival)


At the recent Save Koh Tao festival, Sunshine, along with our sister school Bans, had an ecological booth detailing all our efforts in improving our ocean as well as how we educate our divers to do more than just dive. The booth was just one part of the 2-day fesival which is held annually in order to raise money for various environmenal actions and also helping the local schools.

During the year, Sunshine has organised and completed numerous clean-up dives and finding all sorts of rubbish underwater such as tyres, paint cans, clothes and even a huge electrical circuitboard! As well as cleaning up, we have also been part of the ongoing battle controlling the chrown of thorns population here on Koh Tao. With no natural predators, they can reproduce and expand all over the island eating as much coral as they feel. Without stressing them out or hurting them, we organise dives to remove as many as we can from the water in order to hellp the coral reefs and the life that they support.

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