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DMT snorkel trip 27-02-12


Combining Fun, Education and Eco Activities! This February 27th, the DMT skin diver workshop was a little different than the usual pool session. Instructors Sarah Van Name and Manuel Tobolars brought four DMT's on a snorkel tour around the island! With a rented longtail boat the group started out at 10am to see the different bays and beaches around the island. First stop, Japanese Gardens for a little snorkeling and photo shoot. By the time we got to Hin Wong bay the DMT's were ready to conduct the skin diver workshop. Surrounded by squid and fish they fulfilled all of their skills and successfully taught their floundering instructors how to skin dive. At a quick stop to an abandoned resort in Laem Thien, all were dismayed by the sight of the beach. After 2 years of disuse, there was rubbish everywhere. Mostly, it seemed to have washed ashore and wasn't deliberately left there. Such a shame that because the beach isn't used by humans it was left to collect rubbish. We can't forget that there are birds, turtles and snakes on our beaches that also want a clean environment! After an hour in the sun exploring and cleaning, we had a dive bag and plastic bin full of garbage. This was by far one of the most exciting DMT activities we have ever run. Everyone agreed that we should do it again... soon!

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