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Whaleshark sightings!


It is our pleasure to announce that whaleshark sightings have greatly increased on Koh Tao with over 5 whalesharks sighted by Sunshine Divers in the past week. We hope everyone enjoys these majestic creatures while remembering these following general guidelines, promoted by The Shark Trust, the Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management, and PADI the Project AWARE Foundation and Save Koh Tao for both your own safety and for the safety of the sharks.

 Code of Conduct for Swimmers and Divers

    * Do not attempt to touch, ride, or chase a whale shark
    * Do not restrict normal movement or behavior of the shark
    * Maintain a minimum distance of 3 meters from the head and 4 meters from the tail (caudal fin) of the whale shark
    * No flash photography
    * Do not use underwater motorized diver propulsions near a whale shark


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