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Report about Cleanup day on Sep.17

The 7THShenzhen International Ocean Clean Day activity was held on Sep.17.2011 at Gold Shawan Tourist Resort, Long Gang District, Shenzhen. Around 2000 persons from Shenzhen, Hongkong,Pearl riverdelta region joined this activity. Some are citizens, some are volunteers, some are government officials, and some are staffs fromChinafamous companies such asChina's largest real estate company – Wan Ke,Chinalargest internet company – Tencent and the famous international company Carrefour, etc. 1. In the diving team, there are 33 person. And they were divided into three groups. At last, the diving team picked up 4 pcs of the fishing nets, 19 pcs of the plastic bottles, and some plastic bags. 2. Regarding the beach clean, on that day, from the bottom of the sea, the coastline to the sand, the garbage have been cleaned more than 2000 kilograms, and the used batteries have been collected more than 250pcs. 3. During the activity, Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association also proposed to all the person who joined the activity to bring the garbage bags and to bring the drink cups themselves to avoid to produce more garbage to the beach. The activity news was reported 17 times by China National medium, Guangdong TV, Shenzhen local TV , newspapers and internet. During these reports, the diving clean up seafloor garbage is the hot news. Some TV even reported some related knowledge to give the citizen more concept about the diving clean up the garbage. After the activity was completed, it was recorded that many person read the related news via the internet – 950 million times search in Google, 500 thousand times search in Baidu. . On Dec.02,2011, the project of Shenzhen International Ocean Clean Up Day was voted the Second Prize by FordChina"Protection of natural environment-communication award". We are happy to see that more and more people know our activity and more and more people attention the ocean clean up. And we are also happy to see that when we are passing this public welfare activity to the public citizens, they can understand us and they have learned from us to try to protect our environment from the daily life. You are welcomed to visit the following linkage to read more news and the pictures of this activity.
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